• You can relax and reflesh yourself in the large bath pool, with your feet stretched out!
  • You can stay at our hotel at a bargain rate of 3,150 yen, and go sightseeing around the city while your belongings are left in a spacious private room.
  • Tokyo Sky Tree viewed from the window.  Enjoy the view of the Tokyo metropolitan.
  • About Hotel Accela:  Hotel Accerla situated in Minami-senju of Tokyo is a discount hotel, best for sightseeing, staying for business as a business hotel and staying for a consecutive or an extended period for the purpose of test taking, job search, etc.

Hotel Accela is available from 3,250 yen a night.


You can enjoy a panoramic view of Tokyo Sky Tree under construction (*excluding some rooms).


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7-minute walk from the south exit of the Minami-senju station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.
9-minute walk heading toward Meiji-dori from the south exit of the Minami-senju station on the JR Tsukuba Express Line.


[TEL] 03-3871-5568
[FAX] 03-3871-7539
[Front opening hours]

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How to make a hotel reservation.

  • A hotel reservation is acceptable 3 months in advance.
  • -Reservation for service rooms will be made by phone.
  • -When you book more than one room in a single reservation, we will need to call you to validate your identity.

Room reservation of Hotel Accela can be made through a cell phone.

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Use a cell phote to scan the bar code above and access to make an online reservation.

 Hotel Accela is recommended for these people! Hotel Accela offers considerable advantages in its excellent access within 30 minutes from Minami-senju to the heart of Tokyo including Ebisu, Roppongi, Akihabara and Ueno.

  • -Save on business travel expenses.-Use Internet. -Late check in because of a night out for drinks. -Spend some private relaxing time in one’s room.
  •  For sightseeing, -Save money on accomodation charges for a consecutive stay. -Save money on accomodation charges and participate in an event held in Tokyo. -Leave one's belongings in a hotel and go sightseeing.
  •  For test taking and job search, -Stay in Tokyo area for a week for test taking.  -Conduct a job search in Tokyo area for a month, but soak in a large bath pool.  -Prepare for an examination in a private room.
  • Latest check-in is at 25:00.
  • Free Hikari high speed internet is available.
  • Discount is offered for a consecutive stay (more than three days).
  • Extended stay (monthly stay) is acceptable.

 Special offer for an online reservation (Choose one of these gifts below.)

  1.  Amenity goods (Toothbrush,Face Shaver)

 Internet booking

A well-reputed hotel among the guests, Hotel Accela.

 Hotel receprion staff's friendly services. A nearby, worry-free convenience store (openning 24 hours a day). A glocery supermarket only meters from our hotel. A secure floor only for femal guests.  Clean hotel.

A large bathhouse

Our much-loved large bath pool, where you can stretch out your feet and relax. Tenju stone with a far-infrared effect will improve circulation and sooth away your everyday fatigue.

Guest room

We have received plenty of comments such as “rooms are clean” from the guests.

Accomodations in the hotel.

 Message to customers

Thank you for choosing our hotel. I am Hidetoshi Kanayama, a manager of the hotel. Hotel Accela, where a panoramatic view of Tokyo Sky Tree can be enjoyed, has been achieved a popularity as one of the best “discount hotels” as well as “good quality hotels.” -Students who will visit Tokyo for test taking.
-Businesspersons who are looking for business hotels in Tokyo.
-People who are looking for discount hotels in Tokyo.
Stay at Hotel Accela, situated in Minami-senju, where convenient busses going to the center of Tokyo and convenient transportation to Tokyo station, Haneda Airport and Narita Airport as well as Akihabara, Asakusa and Ueno are provided.

Manager of Hotel Accela, 
Hidetoshi Kanayama. Manager of Hotel Accela,
Hidetoshi Kanayama.

Traveling time to the major stations or the center of  Tokyo near Minami-senju.

Destination Route Time required
Ebise Sta. Tokyo Metro 38min.
Roppongi Sta. Tokyo Metro 32min.
Akihabara Sta. Tukuba Exp. 8min.
Asakusa Sta. Tokyo Metro 11min.
Ueno Sta. Tokyo Metro 6min.
Tokyo Sta. JR line 16min. approx.
Haneda Airport JR line → Monorail train 50min. approx.
Narita Airport JR line 50min. approx.


 For guests who stay for consecutive days, Bath towel and face (small) towel are changed daily free of charge.

For details, please feel free to contact the hotel reception staff.


 You can use Wi-Fi(softbank,au).

Manager of Hotel Accela,  Hidetoshi Kanayama.

<Example of a single-bed room rate>

Non-consecutive stay: 3,450 yen per night
(including tax)
Consecutive stay
(more than 3 nights)
3,250 yen per night
(including tax)
Monthly stay: 90,500 yen per month
(including tax)

Discount tariff