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7-minute walk from the south exit of the Minami-senju station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.
9-minute walk heading toward Meiji-dori from the south exit of the Minami-senju station on the JR Tsukuba Express Line.


[TEL] 03-3871-5568
[FAX] 03-3871-7539
[Front opening hours]

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How to make a hotel reservation.

  • A hotel reservation is acceptable 3 months in advance.
  • -Reservation for service rooms will be made by phone.
  • -When you book more than one room in a single reservation, we will need to call you to validate your identity.

Room reservation of Hotel Accela can be made through a cell phone.

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Use a cell phote to scan the bar code above and access to make an online reservation.


For any queries regarding our accommodations, please feel free to contact us.
Business hours are from 7:00 to 23:50.
Latest check in is at 23:50.

*Please leave your room key at the reception desk when you go out of the hotel.

Ticket-vending machine

Amenitiees are sold in the ticket-vending machine.
  • Face (small) towel and bath towel 150 yen per item (for rental)
  • A box of tissues 100 yen
  • Gown 150 yen (for rental)
  • Toothbrush 50 yen
  • Razor 50 yen
  • Detergent 100 yen
    *A set of skin lotion, cleasing foam and makeup remover 100 yen

Notebook computer (for rental)
From 10:00 am to next 10:00 am 1,000 yen
From 10:00 pm to next 10:00 am 500 yen

Large Bathhouse

It is a spacious and open large bathhouse. Sooth away your everyday fatigue from journey and work in the bathhouse. We provide many services for our guests to have a comfortable time.
Bathing times have been changed until the COVID-19 infection is contained.
Bath time


Advantage of mixed bath
Our hotel uses Tenju stones in the large bathhouse in order for our guests to sooth away their everyday fatigue.
<Tenju Stone>
Tenju stone is a rare stone with the effects of far infrared rays, quarried from the Quasi-National Park in Korea. You can always enjoy our small bedrock bath. The hyperthemic action from far infrared rays will warm the cockles of your heart.
People who suffer from:
  • sensitivity to cold temperatures
  • weak digestive systems
  • stiff shoulders
  • joint pain
  • lower back pain
  • swollen feet (bad venous blood flow)
bubble bath

Enjoy our air bubble bath.
The bathwater is spilled in a particular time in order to keep comfortable.

Items in the bathhouse

Bathing area in the bathhouse
Conditioner shampoo
Dressing room
Hair dryer
Weighing machine

Coin shower

Coin showers are available 24 hours a day (200 yen every 10 minutes).
They are located on the 1st floor at the back, the side of the large bathhouse.
Each key to their doors is placed in the chaging room. Whenyou use a coin shower, make sure to lock the door.
(Body soap and two-in-one shampoo are always provided.)

coin laundry

Washing machines
There are four washing machines with 4.5-liter water capacity, which have germicidal action bestowed by electrolyzed water. It is 200 yen per use. Detergent (100 yen) is sold in a ticket-vending machine set on the reception desk floor.
There are two dryers with 9 kg capavity. Use of one machine costs 100 yen evry 10 minutes. Because a gas system is used in them, washed clothes will dry quickly. *If the amount of washed clothes is less than half of the capacity, they will dry nicely at short times.


Microwave ovens, water heaters and trash boxes are set up. When you dispose of garbage, please make sure you follow the guidelines for separating the garbage based on the material.

Washroom・Bath room

Toilets are set up on each floor. They are equipped with washlet functions.
*Please be aware that men are not allowed to visit the 10th floor.
Vending machine
Beverage vending machine is set up on the 1st floor. Mask packs that are popular among women are also sold.
Spring water server(free)
A Mineral Water Server set up on the 1st floor is available free of charge.
Help yourself to the mineral water.
Coffee server
FREE COFEE service is avaliable only from 7:15 am to 10:00 am.

Floor Map

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Please make a service room reservation by phone. TEL 03-3871-5568