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7-minute walk from the south exit of the Minami-senju station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.
9-minute walk heading toward Meiji-dori from the south exit of the Minami-senju station on the JR Tsukuba Express Line.


[TEL] 03-3871-5568
[FAX] 03-3871-7539
[Front opening hours]

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How to make a hotel reservation.

  • A hotel reservation is acceptable 3 months in advance.
  • -Reservation for service rooms will be made by phone.
  • -When you book more than one room in a single reservation, we will need to call you to validate your identity.

Room reservation of Hotel Accela can be made through a cell phone.

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Use a cell phote to scan the bar code above and access to make an online reservation.

About Hotel ACCELA

1.What sort of hotel is Hotel Accela?
It is a clean hotel, opened on the 1st of May 2007 and situated in Minami-senju, close to sightseeing areas including Ueno and Asakusa. Since the latest check in is 23:50 at midnight, it is convenient when you have to come to Tokyo on urgent business. We offer a reasonable price setting that room rates are set lower for a three or more night stay, and the rates are additionally discounted for a monthly stay: the more extended stay you have the more discount you receive.
2. Does the hotel allow free access 24 hours a day?
No, we have a curfew. Access to the hotel is from 7:00 to 23:50. In addition, your room key must be left at the reception without question when you go out of the hotel even if you may come back very soon.
3. Can I keep staying in a room if I stay for two or more nights?
4. Do you have a car parking space?
No. Nearby parking spaces will be available. Please refer to the map on our webpage, in which nearby parking spaces are indicated.
5. Are credit cards or debitcards are acceptable?
Yes. Acceptable cards include Visa, JTB, American Express, Diner's Club, Discover and Ginren (in the process).
6. When should I pay my accommodation charges?
Payment has to be made in full at the time of check in. Let us know the necessary information related to your reservation, and purchase an accommodation coupon in the ticket-vendong machine set up in front of the reception desk to submit the coupon to the reception desk: for one night stay and four-day three or more night stay, purchase a coupon for the number of nights to stay; for monthly stay, purchase a coupon for the number of months to stay.
7. Is there any cancellation charges?
It depends on the day when your reservation is cancelled (make sure to call the hotel directly to cancel your reservation). Reservations cancelled 2 or 3 days prior to arrival will incur you 20% of accommodation charge for every reservation. Reservations cancelled one day before the date of arrival will incur you 50% of accommodation charge for every reservation. Reservations cancelled on the date of arrival will incur you 100% of accomodation charge for every reservation.
*No refund policy will be applied if the reservations are cancelled for the customer's own reason after the accomodation charges have been paid.

About Stay Plan

8. Is there any discount for a consecutive stay?
A guest, who will stay at the hotel for four-day three or more nights, can receive a discount of a consecutive stay rate. We suggest you purchase a coupon in bulk.
9. I would like to stay at the hotel on a monthly basis.
Please make a reservation for a monthly stay. Monthly stay is a system to reserve a hotel room on a monthly basis. If you stay for an extended period of time, it is a good deal than a consecutive stay. Please be aware that we have a no refund policy for any reason.
10. What time do you start check in?
You can check in from 13:00 pm.
11. What is a check out time?
It is 10:00 am. Please be aware that if you are late with check out, accomodation charge for another night will be required.
12. What is the Ladies Only Floor?
It is a floor exclusively for female guests. Men shall not be allowed to visit the Ladies Only Floor.
13. Does the hotel allow a breast-fed infant to stay in the hotel?
No, it is not allowed.

About Room

14. What are furnished in a room?
A guest, who will stay at the hotel for four-day three or more nights, can receive a discount of a consecutive stay rate. We suggest you purchase a coupon in bulk.
15. Are there a bath and a toilet in a room?
No, there are no bath and toilet in a room.

About the services in the hotel

16. Is there a smoking area in the hotel?
No, smoking is not allowed in the hotel other than smoking rooms.
17. Is shampoo provided in the large bathhouse and the coin showers?
Yes, it is. Body soap and two-in-one shampoo are always provided.
18. Do you have a detergent for a coin-operated laundry?
Please purchase it in the ticket-vending machine on the reception desk floor.

About the services in the hotel

19. Can I use Internet?
Yes, you can. Every room has a LAN cable. Guests' IP addresses and domain names are automatically recognized.
20. Can I receive a package from a delivery company or send it?
Yes, we are always at your service. In case of shipping a package, please make sure to state your full name and the date of your chek in, and then to deliver it on appointed date, in which you will check in at the hotel. In case of shipping a package from the hotel, collect on delivery (COD) shipments shall be accepted.
21. Can the reception desk keep my belonging?
Yes. Only on the day of your check in, we will keep your belonging from the morning at no charge.
22. Is there any place to eat in the hotel?
No. We do not have any restaurant in the hotel. Nearby family restaurant, convenience store and grocery supermarket (very close to the hotel) will be available. In addition, in a kitchen in every floor, there are a water heater and a kitchen microwave. Please free to use them.
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Please make a service room reservation by phone. TEL 03-3871-5568